The Topics of Driving School

If you’re about to go through your first driving school experience, you may not know what to expect. It can be scary because you won’t know how to prepare. This guide will help you learn more about driving schools, and the topics it will cover.

The Classroom Experience
The first part of driving school is the classroom experience. With many driving schools, you sit in a classroom setting and learn the rules of the road. During this portion of school, you should receive a study guide with the material already written for you. You can also take notes to gain some extra study material. Be sure you’re listening very well because at the end of each section you may have a quiz to determine how prepared you are for the written exam.

The Written Test
The written test is worth half of your grade. Don’t schedule to take the test unless you know the study materials backward and forwards. There will not be any new information on the test. Once you have passed the exam, you are ready to move on to the last portion of driving school.

The Driving Test
The driving test is the last portion of the school. All the material you learnt about earlier in the classroom setting, can be applied to a hands-on experience, which is driving a car. You will go through a series of tests. You will learn how to do country driving, city driving, highway driving, and neighbourhood driving. You will also learn how to parallel park. The instructor will be watching you the whole time. They will take points off for not using a turn signal, not stopping at a stop sign, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and many others. Don’t let that bother you, and pretend like they’re not even there.

To receive your licence, you should pass the written and the driving test. You may be thinking about when you’re able to go. Some places in the world teach driving school in high school, but other schools will hold it on the weekends so it won’t interfere with your regular school work.